Our services


  • Stallions
  • Broodmares
  • Yearlings
  • Preparation and presentation at the sales
  • Horses at rest
  • Daily care and exercise

Stallion Handling

  • Admin procedures for France and abroad
  • Frozen semen bank
  • Accredited AI centre
  • Marketing the semen of partner stallions in France and abroad
  • Breeding advice on the choice of stallions.

Broodmare care

  • Artificial lighting
  • Monitoring pregnancy
  • Deep intrauterine insemination using frozen semen (1 to 2 straws / heat )


  • Monitoring and assistance during foaling in special maternity stables via video surveillance and foaling alarms (“Foal Alert” magnet & transmitter attached to the vulva)
  • Care to mares and foals
  • Nursing and bottle-feeding
  • Adoption whenever necessary
  • “Colotest” to determine the colostrum quality at birth, enabling  the level of antibodies to be evaluated

AI Laboratory

  • Bain-marie at 37° for thawing straws
  • Incubator
  • Binocular microscope equipped with a 37° hot-plate
  • 3 frozen semen storage vats
  • Vat for transporting frozen semen
  • Spectrophotometer


  • Collaboration with 2 carrier companies
  • Carriage to all destinations: France, Abroad, Emergencies
  • Handling of all transport phases
  • Horse transit
  • Import, export
  • Official health certificates
  • Government veterinary department procedures